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  1. spnadmin

    Two Palkis. Are We In Denial? (Video)

    To share a thought from a different forum for discussion: Two sampardayas may have their practices in tune with tradition. But is that reason for panthic discipline? Two palkis at Patna: YouTube- Hukumnama 1 YouTube- Hukumnama 2 Two palkis at Nanded: YouTube- Historic keertan at Hazoor Sahib
  2. M

    Is It Worth Spending Resources On Golden Domes And Palkis ?

    I just read the following news of spending meagre Sikh resources on gold-plating Gurdwara Domes, Palkis, or building gurdwaras with marble etc. instead of using these resources for urgent useful purpose of establishing a first class Sikh media of TV, Radio and Newspaper. Have we not suffered...