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  1. Admin

    Opinion Bai Fang Li: A Rickshaw Operator Who Gave Much To Orphans

    Bai Fang Li: A Rickshaw Operator Who Gave Much To Orphans by Rodney Tang Chai Whatt http://englishteachernet.blogspot.com/2010/11/inspiring-story-bai-fang-li-rickshaw.html His name is BAI FANG LI. He is a rickshaw operator most of his life, providing services to people who need to go from one...
  2. R

    India Now, Pay Upto Rs 19 To Change Your Mobile Operator

    ROHTAK: Communications minister Kapil Sibal launched the eagerly-awaited mobile number portability scheme in Haryana on Thursday to allow cellphone users to change their operators while retaining existing numbers. "On Jan 20 next year, mobile number portability will be available...
  3. S

    Sikh News CDMA Operator Starts Operations In India's Punjab And Chandigarh (Cellular-News.com)

    India's HFCL Infotel says that it has launched its CDMA based mobile service, under the brand name 'Ping' for Punjab and Chandigarh. Their mobile handsets have been supplied by ZTE and Huawei. More...
  4. S

    Sikh News Go-kart Operator Compensates Sikh In Turban-helmet Dispute (Vancouver Province)

    TORONTO - A major amusement park in suburban Toronto has paid compensation to a Sikh man after he complained he was discriminated against for refusing to take off his turban and wear a helmet to drive a go-kart. More...