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  1. Kanwaljit.Singh

    Learn Punjabi Observations Of A Wayward Sikh

    Today there was a candle light vigil at our Gurudwara in remembrance of the victims of Wisconsin. Here are some observations, from a person who doesn't go to Gurudwara more than once in 3 months (ever since am in Canada) and is probably looking at fault in others because he cannot face his own...
  2. T

    Some Observations

    Firstly, I just joined these forums -- seem like a good place for a young sikh like myself to get some pointers -- and to get some heard. I would like to comment on all these latest posts floating around -- again.. this is MY opinion. All these posts about hair (the most popular), dating...
  3. Y

    My Observations About The Discussions On This Board

    Dear Sikh Brothers and Sisters: I am a relatively new member here and this is my first posting. I have been reading the postings by others for a while and must admit that it gets downright discouraging to see some writings putting down other faiths. I am a proud Sikh, let's stay with what...