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  1. Sinister

    Objective Morality: Ayn Rand, The Discussion On Altruism

    Hello Members and guests; Let’s start the New Year by absorbing something from this discussion. Ayn Rand, author of many great works and definitely one of the most recognized contemporary philosophers, discusses objective morality and the dangers of altruism. To a large part it seems...
  2. D

    God-Subjective & Objective View Points

    This entire Universe is objective because the Creator is the subject and the Creation is the object. Any item in the Creation is also object. The human body is the most convenient object. Through such human body only the Lord should be meditated upon and should be served. The subjective God...
  3. Archived_Member16

    Sikh Objective Of Meditation

    Sikh Objectives of Meditation: To Awaken Divine Within PLEASE VIEW THE FOLLOWING educational / inspiring LINK: http://www.punjabheritage.com/drlal.htm