1. findingmyway

    SciTech Doctors Grow New Nose On Forehead Of Chinese Man, Xiaolian, To Replace One Lost In Car Accident

    In Aug. 2012, Xiaolian, 22, had his life changed dramatically. After a car accident left his nose infected and damaged, there was no hope of him ever looking the same again — that is until doctors in the Fuzhou, Fujian province of China decided to sculpt a new nose for him. The procedure...
  2. Admin

    Islam Mutilated Afghan Girl Aisha Gets New Nose

    The Afghan girl featured on a controversial Time magazine cover in the US has been given a new prosthetic nose. Aisha told Time her nose and ears had been cut off - with the approval of a Taliban commander - by her abusive husband as punishment for running away. The front cover generated...
  3. R

    S Asia Afghanistan Bleeding: 18-yr-old's Nose, Ears Cut Off For Fleeing Abusive Husband

    KABUL, AFGHANISTAN: She cannot read or write and had never heard of Time magazine until a visitor brought her a copy of this week’s issue, the one with the cover picture of her face, the face with no nose. On Wednesday, the young woman, Bibi Aisha, left Kabul for a long-planned trip to...
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    Much Ado About Bindis, Nose Rings And Turbans New York: America has become more inclusive of immigrant communities but Indians still fight to retain aspects of their cultural and religious traditions. Surprisingly, bindis, turbans and ubiquitous nose...
  5. Sikhi 24/7

    A Better Way To Fix A Broken Nose?

    Title: A Better Way to Fix a Broken Nose?Category: Health NewsCreated: 3/22/05Last Editorial Review: 3/22/05