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    I Am Confused Whether Allowed To Eat Non-Veg

    Satshri Akal Sat Sangat Ji, I might be stupid to ask this but kindly guide me on this. Its been long i am under a confusion whether to eat non veg or not.Firstly a great confusion Sikhs- No fish no sea food no smoke as mention in guru Granth Sahib Ji else do most often eat chicken & drink...
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    Sikh News No Liquor, Non-veg For Sikh Weddings (The Times Of India)

    NEW DELHI: The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee has set an austere code for Sikh weddings. No non-vegetarian food or liquor is to be served. Not just tandoori chicken is off limits. A simple ceremony before noon is all that a wedding should be. More...