1. SaintSoldier1699

    Sects Promotion Of Nirmala's

    Dear All, I came across a programme recently made on UK's Sikh Channel in regards to educating the common Sikh about the Nirmala's Samprada. 030612 Talk show with Sant Baba Davinder Singh ji - YouTube I know all those on the video are biased as they all believe in/promote babay...
  2. spnadmin

    Anti-Sikh Cultist Leader Of Nirmala Sect Shot Dead

    Anti-Sikh Cultist Leader Of Nirmala Sect Shot Dead Special Report By The Poet Warrior The head of a virulently anti-Sikh cult in the Punjab Sant (Saint) Pradhan Singh was gunned down by armed Sikh militants in Hoshiarpur district. Unidentified...
  3. Admin

    Nirmala Sect

    Nirmala(s) or Nirmal Akhada is a ascetic order, sect of celibates associated to the time of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, that commanded particular strength in the 19th century. Nirmalas are the old order of Sikhs intellectuals. The Nirmalasa, like the Udasis, commanded...