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  1. drdpsn

    "Mera Jeevan Safar" (Autobiography Of Prof. H. S. Virk) - Book Review By Dr. D. P. Singh*

    "Mera Jeevan Safar" (Autobiography of Prof. H. S. Virk) - Book Review by Dr. D. P. Singh* Book : Mera Jeevan Safar (Punjabi) Author : Prof. Hardev Singh Virk Publication Year : March 2017 No. of Pages/ Cost : 160, Rs 250 Published by : Gracious Books, 23 Shalimar...
  2. findingmyway

    SciTech Putting Sunshine In The Tank

    Putting sunshine in the tank Scientists from The University of Manchester are working on how to use the energy of the Sun to make fuels, which could help to solve the world’s escalating energy crisis. Photo courtesy of Nanoco Technologies Working with the Universities of East...
  3. spnadmin

    Controversial None Said ‘There Are Risks, So Let's Stop It!'

    “None said ‘there are risks, so let's stop it' Genuine fear of genetically modified (GM) crops arising from relatively less studied science combined with the fear of the unknown and lack of transparency of the companies dealing with GM crops made most governments and their citizens in Europe...