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  1. Tejwant Singh

    Controversial Sabh Gobind Hein, Gobind Bin Nahin Koi

    Sabh Gobind Hein, Gobind bin Nahin Koi Following are two very interesting events, One from Islam and the other one from Christianity. Can the same happen in Sikhi? If this happened in Sikhi, How in your opinion would the Sangat react? Please share your opinions. Imam Yahya Davis...
  2. G

    Gur Bin Gyan Nahin

    Gur Fateh to All, I was nervous when 'Bai Ji'(A retired I.A.S. officer) called me to him, never did I knew that he will give me his blessings for naam simran. I used to do simran before also, but, was never unable to keep on for long time or say keep my mind on the track. So, I it is my...
  3. Taranjeet singh

    Hum Hindu Nahin

    I have been trying to get hold of the Book 'Hum Hindu Nahin'. But it seems to be out of print. I am giving below the six questions which a sikh should be ready to answer. Six Questions by Hindus 1. The Sikhs have originated from Hindus. If you call Sikhs Hindus, because they are converts...
  4. Admin

    Hum Hindu Nahin

    In today’s advanced age and time, more and more people have access to education and information than ever before. This has plunged majority of them into the lofty heights of self-acknowledgement. Though this is not a new breed of people (such false preachers and self-proclaimed wise men exited...
  5. K

    Raj Bina Nahin Dharam Chale Hain, Dharam Bina Sab Dalle Malle Hain

    I read somewhere that following quote is written by Guru Gobind singh ji "Raj Bina Nahin Dharam Chale Hain, Dharam Bina Sab Dalle Malle Hain" Does anybody has Idea In which granth this quote is written?
  6. K

    Gurbani Kirtan #34 - Guru Jaisa Nahin Ko Dev

    Gurbani Kirtan Mp3 Player - Shabad #34 - Guru Jaisa Nahin Ko Dev Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Ang 1142 Bhaira-o Guru Arjan Dev BYrau mhlw 5 ] bhairo mehalaa 5 || Bhairao, Fifth Mehl: siqguru myrw bymuhqwju ] sathigur maeraa baemuhathaaj || My True Guru is totally independent. siqgur...
  7. sonusandhu

    Jam Hun, Ke Nahin ?

    waheguru je khalsa waheguru je ke fateh main eh puch nah sohda ha kee jaam hunde hun kee nahin,teh apne guru je kee kehde hun,jamma bare?? main kaye loka kolo suneya hai,jam hunde hun.jehre bande katha karde hun oh tah kehde hun, jam hunde hun. kaye bande kehde hun, jam bahut kutte deh hun...