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    Dashrath Manjhi – The Man Who Moved A Mountain - The Mountain Man

    Dashrath Manjhi – The Man Who Moved a Mountain - The Mountain Man If you're looking for some motivation, stories don't get much more inspirational than that of Dasrath Manjhi. 53 years ago, he set out to carve a 1mk-long path through a rocky hillside, all by himself, in order to make it...
  2. G

    Can God Create A Mountain Which He Cannot Lift?

    This is a very interesting question someone asked me the other day: Can God create a mountain which he cannot lift? Now before you answer, note that I am not questioning Vaheguru's strength. I am simply curious to the solutions you give. If anyone does not see the contradiction here, I will...
  3. S

    The Beauty Of The Floating Mountain (Deccan Herald)

    The Bhatkal Alvekodi beach on the Western coast may show water on all sides but sailing 30 kms off the shore would reveal a floating mountain, says VINAY ADI...