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    Devanagari As A Writing System For Punjabi: Plus Or Minus For Punjabi?

    Recently I read in a chapter in book published by Cambridge University Press titled "language in South Asia" , quote"Sikhs often write Punjabi in Gurmukhi, Hindus in Devanagri and Muslims in perso-Arabic ."unquote . Earlier author Tej K. Bhatia,who has written this chapter about punjabi language...
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    Sikh News Revenge's Motive For 1985 A-I Bombings

    VANCOUVER: One of two men accused in the 1985 Air-India bombings that claimed 331 lives was driven by ambition and revenge, a prosecutor told a Canadian court in his closing arguments on Monday. Vancouver millionaire Ripudaman Singh Malik, 57, and Kamloops, British Columbia, mill worker...