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  1. drkhalsa

    Sikh News Retracing The Glory Of Shah Mohammad

    Retracing the glory of Shah Mohammad Tribune News Service With a Shah Mohammad Festival dedicated to Sardar Majithia on the anvil, its time Punjab remembered the poet from Amritsar who wrote ‘Jangnama’— an eyewitness account of the first Anglo-Sikh War, says Varinder Walia It took more than a...
  2. D

    Islam Why Mohammad (pbuh) Told He Was The Last Prophet?

    Why Mohammad told He was the last prophet? Rohit: Swami! In Quran, it is stated that Mohammad is not father of any one. Further it is stated there that He is the last Prophet sent by God. What is the inner meaning of this, if this verse is genuine statement? Swami: Oh Rohit! You have picked...
  3. S

    Re: Anti-Bangladesh Campaign- Mohammad Asghar’s Response (News From Bangladesh)

    Mr. Hasan, a diehard and stupid sounding Muslim living in a kuffar land, wrote: Are you so ignorent to not even think for a second how ignorent you have become to not realise your parents who were probably muslim chose a muslim name for you instead of calling you John...
  4. M

    Islam Mohammad (pbuh)in The Hindu Scriptures

    I have recently found out that a prophecy of a man is made in the holy scriptures of the hindus and his description fits exactly to that of the prophet mohammad (pbuh). Now what is everyones response to this? what does it mean?
  5. N

    Sikh News Shah Mohammad's Memory

    3-day Indo-Pak festival in Shah Mohammad's memory Varinder Walia Tribune News Service Wadala (Amritsar), October 30 No trace has been left of legendary Punjabi poet Shah Mohammad, who had authored "Jangnama", an eyewitness account of a battle between the British and the army of Maharaja...