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  1. TheSikhRenaissance

    Who was Nawab Kapur Singh? An Interview with his descendants.

    Nawab Kapur Singh-the charismatic but equally enigmatic 18th century Sikh leader who captained the Khalsa Panth during its darkest days in the post-Banda Singh period. What we know of him is derived from a few scant references in the Sri Gur Panth Prakash of Ratan Singh Bhangu, the oral...
  2. Sikhi 24/7

    Misls Sikh Nation’s Sovereign: Jassa Singh Ahluvalia

    On 3 May 1718, a leader of the Dal Khalsa was born who established an independent kingdom in the Panjab. In this era, every Sikh head had a bounty on it: hunt and kill! Jassa Singh Ahluvalia (popularly Ahluwalia) was his name, his nanke (maternal) and dadke (paternal) were strong Sikhs inspired...
  3. Admin

    Misls Evolution Of Sikh Misls

    Sikh Misls The word Misl is the Punjabi version of Confederation. And the foundations for the Sikh empire were laid by the formation of Sikh Misls. The terrible hardship imposed by Zakarya Khan, for over two decades on the Sikhs, and the fortitude and success with which they fought them out...
  4. spnadmin

    Sovreignty Of The Akal Takht

    Sovreignty of the Akal Takht (from Sikh Archives blog) Introduction The history of Sri Akal Takht is well known for its controversial ambiguities rather than for clarity and continuity. It has been venerated differentially in history and its status is interpreted and treated differently by...
  5. IJSingh

    Misls Sikh Misls - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

    Sikh Misls, Part One: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow by I.J. SINGH The Roundtable Open Forum # 56 Misls - Sikh confederacies - have a longer history than we think and are more critical to Sikh history than we give them credit for. We have forgotten their past, if we ever learned it...