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  1. spnadmin

    'punj Mint' The Different Hues Five Minutes Can Adopt

    The different hues five minutes can adopt By D K Havanoor http://newindianexpress.com/opinion/article1454136.ece I hail from Gulbarga in North Karnataka and back in the day, there were only two Sikh families who spoke in Kannada when they were outside their homes. So, I had never heard...
  2. Sikh Collector

    Coinage Khalsa Coins Of Amritsar Mint

    AMRITSAR The above named album in the Sikh Coins Group contains silver rupees of the Amritsar mint starting with coin of VS1832 right up to VS1840 with obverse and reverse images. Members will see a good selection of the two versions of the early coins of the Amritsar mint, which is one of the...
  3. A

    Developing 'Mint Grade' Khalsa: From Birth, For A Lifetime

    Dear Khalsa Ji, With ‘The Sat’ willing, today I share with you my views on ‘Developing Mint Grade Khalsas’ based on my studies and learning in my life. What I know, I will share with you all in many small posts. 1. Introduction: 1.1. Definition: ‘Mint Grade Khalsas’ are those Khalsas...