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  1. aristotle

    Mewa Singh’s Funeral Procession 1915

    Mewa Singh’s Funeral Procession 1915 By Melanie Hardbattle Mewa Singh funeral procession, 1915. SFU Library Special Collections, Kohaly Collection. Image Caption “His body was brought to the undertakers, where it was bathed according to the Sikh religious rites and then in a...
  2. spnadmin

    Dasam Granth: An Opinion (by Judge Mewa Singh)

    Dasam Granth: An Opinion By Judge Mewa Singh http://www.globalsi khstudies. net/pdf/Dasam% 20Granth; An%20opinion% 20By%20Judge% 20Mewa%20Singh. pdf Rss chief gave the press statement at Amritsar in 2003 that Sikhs are part of Hindus meaning thereby that Sikh religion is not a separate...