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  1. A

    The Ten Methods Of Meditating On The World That Can Lead To Happiness And Fulfillment

    This is a small portion of passages from a series of ancient 6th century AD Chinese texts known as, "The Jesus Sutras". Read: The Christians were from Persia and belong to the Nestorian Church - Assyrian Church of the East. Scholars say that they took with them a variety of canonical and...
  2. namjiwankaur

    Hukam Vs. "Tarot" Methods

    Sat Nam I love the Daily Hukam. From what I understand, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib is opened to a random page and it becomes the Guru's message for the day. Is it true that Sikhs also do this to get help with certain questions they have about things in their lives? How is this done? Is there...
  3. H

    Methods To Cope With Injustice : Any Other Way ?

    I was wondering what men do when they encounter injustice :_ 1) fight against it at all levels politically , print media , economically , militalrialy 2) Forgiveness 3 ) Forgetting 4 ) let time heal 5 ) say your prayers. If the injustice still does not go away what should one do...