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  1. Admin

    Interfaith Materialists And Its Discontents

    Professor Keith Ward Religion and Philosophy: The problem of verification and the nature of religious language. The problem of consciousness, and the unexpected revival of Platonism in mathematical physics. Is consciousness an illusion? Or is matter a myth? Is God philosophically respectable...
  2. Admin

    Mysticism And Metaphysics In Sikhism And Gurbani

    The aim of all religions, in its true form, is to bring mystic ascendancy as the positive waves and, thus transforming the negative waves of de-ascendancy as from the flow of desire and emotions in the direction of vagueness of urge. The desires have the two aspects, which we may learn to...
  3. S

    Metaphysics Of Naam

    The Metaphysics of Naam Dr. Debabrata Das* * 19/5 Pottery Road, Kolkata. 700 015. Japu to eko nama: contemplate thou only the Name. This expression is found in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Rag Suhi Mahala I, P-728. The meaning of the technical terms "Japu" and "Nama", expressed in the Sri Guru...