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  1. spnadmin

    Opinion Poetry, Medium And Message: Beyond Translation

    Image: Guru Angad adapting the Gurmukhi script Poetry, Medium and Message By ERNIE LEPORE Here is a question that has been confounding or even infuriating poets for eons. So what is your poem about? (If you happen to personally know any poets, you may even have empirical evidence of this.)...
  2. R

    Guru As A Medium Used By God

    Hi, Basically, I wanted to know the meanings of: 1. "mein apan bol na jaanda mein keha sab hukmai jiyo " 2. "Jaise mein aavey khasam ki bani, taisda karin gyan veh lalo." I think they have been said by Guru Nanak and are a part of the Granth Sahib. What exactly do they mean and what is the...
  3. K

    The Medium, Message And The Money

    The medium, message and the money P. Sainath The Assembly elections saw the culture of “coverage packages” explode across Maharashtra. In many cases, a candidate just had to pay for almost any coverage at all. C. Ram Pandit can now resume his weekly column. Dr. Pandit...
  4. Astroboy

    General Psychic Busters

    Oh my God, one can get instant knowledge seeing his various videos. Here's one: YouTube - Derren Brown NLP