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  1. Dalvinder Singh Grewal

    The whereabouts of 1984 Sikh Manuscripts in Question

    The whereabouts of 1984 Sikh Manuscripts in Question Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal 1925 Basant Avenue,Ludhiana wenty-five years have passed since the Sikh...
  2. Dalvinder Singh Grewal

    Where Are The 1984 Manuscripts?

    Where are the 1984 Sikh Manuscripts and Articles? Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal 1925 Basant Avenue, Ludhiana Twenty five years have passed since the Sikh Manuscripts were taken away from Sikh Reference Library, Harmandir Sahib, but their where about still remains a matter of discussion. The...
  3. spnadmin

    Heritage Rare Guru Granth Sahib Manuscripts Need Preservation, Says Dr. Mohinder Singh

    Rare Guru Granth Sahib manuscripts need preservation says Dr Mohinder Singh http://www.sikhnugget.com/2013/09/rare-guru-granth-sahib-manuscripts-need.html AMRITSAR:The rare manuscripts, documents and `Pothis’ relating compilation of Guru Granth Sahib, which are scattered in whole of India...
  4. spnadmin

    Events Manuscripts On Display At National Museum Of Pakistan

    Manuscripts on display at National Museum of Pakistan. http://www.sikhnugget.com/2013/02/manuscripts-on-display-at-national.html Over 50 highly rare and old manuscripts are put on display at a special exhibition inaugurated at the National Museum of Pakistan. The exhibition of...
  5. spnadmin

    Literature Rare Collection Of Hand Written Manuscripts In Punjab Village Getting Ruined

    Manuscripts Need Urgent Attention Rare collection of hand written manuscripts in Punjab village getting ruined Tuesday, 01 June 2010 By Ravinder Singh Robin AMRITSAR : A rare collection of hand-written manuscripts of Hindu, Sikh and Muslim religion along with outstanding relics of...
  6. dalsingh

    Prem Sumarag - Have You Read It?

    I've just read a translation of Prem Sumarag by the notorious Mr. McLeod. Has anyone read it. What do you make of it. Any chance of some intelligent discussion on it?
  7. S

    Heritage Rare Sikh Manuscripts On Display (Chennai Online)

    Amritsar, Nov 30: An exhibition of books, rare manuscripts and photographs relating to Sikhism, Sikh Gurus, history and freedom fighters of Punjab and other martyrs including publications on Shaheed Bhagat Singh was inaugurated here on Thursday at theGuru Nanak Dev University. More...
  8. N

    Sikh News CBI Probe Ordered Into Missing Sikh Manuscripts:

    CBI probe ordered into missing Sikh manuscripts: [India News] Chandigarh, Oct 7 : The Indian government has ordered a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to trace hundreds of rare religious books, manuscripts and other things that went "missing" from the Golden Temple complex in...