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  1. BhagatSingh

    The Magical Hat

    Epepke makes an ignorant statement about the turban and kachera that a fellow Atheist finds offensve. This is my reponse. The smiley's have been translated from that forum into this one. Feel free to add more or to simply comment or criticize. :welcome:
  2. S

    Pacific New Book Finds Music's Magical Powers Objectively Verifiable (pzone Via Yahoo! Australia & NZ Financ

    HOCKESSIN, Del., June 16, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- The Hebrews encoded harmonics in their Tree of Life diagram, the Hindus incorporated the potent musical information in a secretive Music of the Path, and Gurdjieff enshrined it in the enneagram symbol of the Work. In the groundbreaking new book...