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  1. S

    Apple Settles With Second Student Over Tiger Leak (MacCentral)

    MacCentral - Apple Computer on Wednesday confirmed that they have settled a second lawsuit brought against three of its developers for leaking early copies of its Mac OS X Tiger software. As a paid member to Apple's Developer Connection, developers get early access to many types of software, but...
  2. S

    Apple Settles Lawsuit With Developer Over Tiger Leak (MacCentral)

    MacCentral - Apple Computer on Wednesday settled a lawsuit with one of its developers, Doug Steigerwald, that leaked a copy of Mac OS X Tiger on a file-sharing Web site. Twenty-two year old Steigerwald was one of three developers sued by Apple in December for allegedly posting advanced builds of...
  3. Arvind

    Privacy Leak In Mozilla And Mozilla-Based Browsers

    Ref: http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=02/09/16/0024240 a privacy bug discovered in in all Mozilla builds up to and including 1.2a as well as browsers based on Mozilla such as Netscape 6/7, Chimera and Galeon. The bug allows a web site to track where you're going when leaving the site whether...