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  1. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Leisure Laugh And The World Laughs With YOU

    Remember when........ A computer was something on TV from a science fiction show, a window was something you hated to clean, and ram was the cousin of a goat Meg was the name of my girlfriend and gig was a job for the nights now they all mean different things and that really mega bytes An...
  2. S

    Sikh News LOINS OF PUNJAB PRESENTS Set To Bring On The Laughs (cinesouth Via Yahoo! India News)

    After making waves in the festivals circuits and numerous screenings in USA, crossover film LOINS OF PUNJAB PRESENTS would be seeing an Indian release this month. More...
  3. N

    Buddhism Aniston Laughs Off Buddhism Reports (BreakingNews.ie)

    Actress Jennifer Aniston has laughed off reports she has turned to Buddhism in a bid to get over her split from Brad Pitt. The former Hollywood golden couple shocked fans when they announced their split in January - Aniston subsequently filed for divorce in March...