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    India Lakhs Pay Homage To Sikh Martyrs At Fatehgarh Sahib

    Lakhs pay homage to Sikh martyrs at Fatehgarh Sahib By Parmjit Singh The three-day Shaheedi Sabha in the memory of two younger Sahibzadas (sons) of Guru Gobind singh and Mata...
  2. R

    NRI Pays Lakhs For Divorce

    NRI pays lakhs for divorce Investigation into the fake divorce case involving an NRI engineer who was ar-rested on Tuesday evening along with his parents at Chinnamathampalayam near here has uncovered a thriving racket in the judiciary wherein divorces can be obtained without following any of...
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    Sikh News Scam Of Lakhs In Sikh Riot Relief (The Telegraph)

    Bokaro, Oct. 23: A scam in anti-Sikh riot relief has been unearthed in Bokaro, in which more than Rs 71 lakh has alleged been siphoned off in one case and 13 “beneficiaries” have been identified for “cheating the government”. More...