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    India Over 60 Million Child Labourers In India!

    His liquid eyes, twin pools of innocence, have a sparkle that only children are blessed with. He speaks in a staccato burst, tripping over his words and lisps a current Bollywood hit with glee. His toothy, impish grin belies the fact that while other children his age are either playing or being...
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    Sikh News Punjab Farmers Demand Special Trains From Bihar And UP To Bring Labourers For Paddy Plantation

    Punjab farmers demand special trains from Bihar and UP to bring labourers for Paddy plantation @ RAJPURA(Patiala): Facing an acute shortage of migrant labourers for paddy plantation, the peasants of Punjab Thursday demanded to run special rains from Bihar to enable...
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    Ludhiana Violence By Migrant Labourers, An Indicator Of Bigger Trouble In Offing

    Ludhiana violence by migrant labourers, an indicator of bigger trouble in offing Kanwal Preet Kaur Saturday, 05 December 2009 It is indeed worrying that migrant labourers who contributed significantly in development of Punjab, have induldged in violence following police inaction on...
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    Opinion UP, Bihar Labourers Find Jobs At Home, Punjab Agriculture Hit

    UP, Bihar labourers find jobs at home, Punjab agriculture hit Mansewak Singh CHANDIGARH: At a time when major ideological fights across the world are being impacted by economic models, there is need for the Sikh community to deal with a rather intriguing problem of migrant labour in...
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    Sikh Scholars Oppose Influx Of Migrant Labourers

    Sikh scholars oppose influx of migrant labourers PTI - Chandigarh Sikh scholars today strongly opposed the influx of labourers from other states into Punjab alleging it had "complicated the situation" in the state. "The mass ingress of over 20 lakh immigrants from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar...
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    Sikh News Child Labourers Freed In Raids (The Telegraph)

    Mumbai (PTI): Child labourers working in zari and gold plating units in Kalbadevi were rescued on Saturday after a joint operation by Mumbai police, the state labour department and the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, reports our correspondent...