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kundalini yoga chackra

  1. Sikhi 24/7

    Controversial Sikhism And Yogi Bhajan's Solstice Tantric Yoga Sadhana

    Everythings 13 - Basics of Sikhi's, Jagraj Singh, attends Yogi Bhajan's "Solstice Tantric Yoga Sadhana" Waheguruji Ka Khalsa, Waheguruji Ki Fateh, My name is Gursant Singh. I have advocated for many Sikh causes over the past 35 years and dedicated myself to educating the Sikh Panth and the...
  2. J

    Yogism Yogi Bhajan/kundalini Yoga

    Hello What do you think about the Kundalini Yoga introduced by him in the western world? I began practicing it very intensely some months ago and after doing a lot of research I find that Bhajan's yoga might be a mix of Sikh and hinduist health/religious/spiritual exercises... Thank you
  3. L

    General Research On Kundalini / Chackra Sensations