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  1. Admin

    Narayanan Krishnan - Bhagat Puran Singh Of Madurai, Tamil Nadu

    New Delhi: If you had not heard of Narayanan Krishnan, as I had not, it is a collective failure. This is one of the most incredible stories of personal commitment. Narayanan Krishnan, all of 29 years old now, does what he was professionally trained to do as a chef. Feed...
  2. N

    Sikh News Wednesday April 20, 8:00 AM By Murali Krishnan, Indo-Asian News Service (Yahoo! India News)

    New Delhi, April 20 (IANS) Retired Supreme Court judge G.T. Nanavati, who probed the anti-Sikh riots of 1984, has asked the government to reopen cases against a "few politicians" saying investigation against them was not "properly carried out"...