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  1. Tejwant Singh

    World Polish Exports Of Meat For Jews, Muslims In Limbo

    Polish exports of meat for Jews, Muslims in limbo By VANESSA GERA | Associated Press – 6 hrs ago WARSAW, Poland (AP) — For some, it was a barbaric way to treat animals. For others, it was great business. Until January, slaughterhouses across Poland — a deeply Catholic nation — were the...
  2. G

    May Sikhs Eat Kosher Foods Other Than Meat?

    I was just wondering if it was ok to eat kosher foods that arent meat. Like fruits, vegtables and juices and stuff.
  3. spnadmin

    World Dutch Close To Ban On Kosher, Halal Slaughter

    THE Dutch Parliament has passed a bill banning the slaughter of livestock without stunning it first, removing an exemption that allowed Jews and Muslims to butcher animals according to their centuries-old dietary rules. If enacted and enforced, religious groups say observant Jews and Muslims...