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  1. BhagatSingh

    Inspirational Daniel Tammet: Different Ways Of Knowing

    Autistic savante shares his experiences (of his perception). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pzd7ReqiQnE& The world is truely "richer and vaster than it to often seems to be".
  2. spnadmin

    Knowing Your Neighbor Is A Powerful Force For Religious Civility

    David Briggs Writer, Association of Religion Data Archives Posted: February 28, 2011 10:00 PM A prominent 19th century preacher knew how to spark the flame of violence against immigrants with different religious beliefs: Portray them as part of an international conspiracy against...
  3. S

    HELP! Sikh Guy With White English Girl

    White bloke in a relationship with a Sikh girl, without her family knowing Good afternoon all. I am new to this site and this is my first thread, so please be kind. Right where do I begin. I've been dating this girl for around 6 months now, but we've had to keep our relationship secret from...
  4. Archived_Member16

    Knowing The Truth !

    This Shabad is by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Aasaa on Pannaa 468 mÚ 1 ] scu qw pru jwxIAY jw irdY scw hoie ] kUV kI mlu auqrY qnu kry hCw Doie ] scu qw pru jwxIAY jw sic Dry ipAwru ] nwau suix mnu rhsIAY qw pwey moK duAwru ] scu qw pru jwxIAY jw jugiq jwxY jIau ] Driq kwieAw swiD kY ivic dyie...
  5. N

    Knowing Your Roots Better (@Metro KL)

    T HE first thing that strikes any Asian visitor to Thailand is a paradoxical sense of the familiar and the strange. The latter is easy enough to explain – after all, you’ve just entered a new country, one with its own unique culture and language. You’re a stranger in a strange land...