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    Kirtan Baras Megh Ji. Til Bilam Na Lao (Bhai Nirmal Singh Ji)

    Pl click at the link below to listen to this beautifully sang shabad in perfact raag by Bhai Nirmal Singh jee Khalsa https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B13epoS1a3fOMmIyNmVmODgtMTQzOS00N2EzLThkOGQtZWNmNDAwZTU4MGVi&hl=en_US Can some one guide me step by step method to search any shabad on...
  2. S

    Jin Prem Kiyo Tin Hi Prabh Paayo

    "saach kahun sun leho sabhe jin prem kiyo tin hi prabh paayo" I came accross these lines in a book LONG TIME BACK, but i am not really sure about who wrote these lines. If anybody could posts the whole shabad, and its explanation. I would be grateful. Please come up with some explanations...
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    Uhi Piyo Uhi Kiyo

    gauVI mhlw 5 ] (214[/FONT]) Gauree, Fifth Mehl: Harsimirit Kaur Khalsa Guru Granth Parchar Mission of USA 510-432-5827harsimiritkaur@khalsa.com mwqo hir rMig mwqo ]1] rhwau ] “I am intoxicated, intoxicated with the love of the Lord. ||1||Pause||” When you...