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  1. spnadmin

    Kiran Bedi

    Kiran Bedi Kiran Bedi is truly an icon of heroism. She was the first Indian woman to join the Indian Police Services. She was born on June 9, 1949 at Amritsar in Punjab. She is one of the most renowned police officers, who have put in their whole...
  2. K

    Nature Say Goodbye To Kerosene Lamps, Here's Kiran!

    Their mission is to bring light to millions of households that do not have access to electricity. Betting big on solar lighting products, Sam Goldman and his team have embarked on an enduring journey to remove darkness from the remotest corners of the world. Sam was moved by an unfortunate...
  3. Admin

    The Concept Of Joy At Work By Kiran Bedi

    Last week I was in a long queue to buy an ice cream in Manhattan (New York). As I drew closer to the counter, I got to see why the queue was so long and why the people were waiting so cheerfully? Not only was the quality of ice cream really good, but the manner in which it was being served was...