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  1. Sherdil

    Heritage Lost Treasures Of The Sikh Kingdom

    A newly released BBC documentary. It details the history behind some of the artifacts surviving from the Sikh Raj. It's worth a watch for anyone who is interested in Sikh history. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbgX34cggqg
  2. spnadmin

    UK Caste Discrimination Set To Become Unlawful In The United Kingdom

    Caste discrimination set to become unlawful in the United Kingdom By Hainder Singh http://www.sikhsiyasat.net/2013/04/24/caste-discrimination-set-to-become-unlawful-in-the-united-kingdom/ London, United Kingdom (April 23, 2013): It is learnt that on April 23, 2013 the UK became the first...
  3. spnadmin

    Yadavindra Singh: Maharaja Of The Sikh Kingdom Of Patiala

    Yadavindra Singh: The Great Maharaja of The Sikh Kingdom of Patiala by ROOPINDER SINGH http://www.sikhchic.com/people/yadavindra_singh_the_great_maharaja_of_the_sikh_kingdom_of_patiala January 7 marks the 100 centennial of the birth of Yadavindra Singh. Nature gave him the...
  4. spnadmin

    General Landmark Meeting Of Damdami Taksal And AKJ United Kingdom (In Punjabi, Videos)

    Damdami Taksal and AKJ UK Historical Meeting for Panthik Unity - YouTube Damdami Taksal and AKJ UK Historical Meeting for Panthik Unity1 - YouTube
  5. Admin

    Heritage Sikh Kingdom's Only Fort Fights For Survival

    Patiala (Punjab), May 22 (IANS) Its name means the 'fort of triumph', and it's a symbol of the courage and culture of the Sikhs. Qila Mubarak, the only fort built by a Sikh ruler, has withstood many attacks in its over 200-year history but is today fighting a losing battle -- against government...
  6. Admin

    Events Annexation Of Kashmir To The Sikh Kingdom

    Annexation of Kashmir to The Sikh Kingdom by Surinder Singh Johar* * Excerpted from the author’s biographical sketch of the great hero: Hari Singh Nalwa(Sagar Publication, New Delhi. 1982) @ Seer = 850 grammes. After the astonishing victory at Attock, Maharaja Ranjit Singh gained more...
  7. spnadmin

    Sikhism The Last Sunset: The Rise And Fall Of The Lahore Durbar (The Magnificent Sikh Kingdom)

    The magnificent Sikh kingdom Reviewed by V. N. Datta The Last Sunset: The Rise and Fall of the Lahore Durbar By Amarinder Singh. The Sunday Tribune - Spectrum T is indeed a fascinating theme for a practising historian to study and write on the rise and fall of a...
  8. spnadmin

    Amrit Bani Kirtan Jatha Tour - Sat Kirin Kaur - United Kingdom

    Sat Kirin Kaur Fans! Please view the new and updated schedule for the performances of Amrit Bani Kirtan Jatha in England August 22-31 These performances will occur at multiple sites in the United Kingdom. The SPN Calendar has already noted most of these events. Thank you.
  9. spnadmin

    Chardi Kala Jatha In United Kingdom - Multiple Gurdwaras Sahib

    Chardi Katha fans! Please view the new and updated schedule for the days-long performances of Chardi Kala Jatha in the United Kingdom. The SPN Calendar has already noted most of these events, but new ones have been added. Thank you...
  10. spnadmin

    Gurdwara Directory United Kingdom And Europe

    This link will help you find a gurdwara in the United Kingdom and Europe. You may know of a gurdwara that is missing from the list. If you would like to submit the name of a gurdwara, in the United Kingdom or in Europe, that is not on the list, please send a private message with the relevant...
  11. S

    'Sky Kingdom' Cult Leader Determined To Carry On With Activities (Channel NewsAsia)

    TERENGGANU, Malaysia : The leader of a deviationist cult calling itself the "Sky Kingdom" is determined to carry on with his group's beliefs. http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/Hinduism/SIG=12cjn77a8/*http%3A//www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/southeastasia/view/157397/1/.html