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khalsa panth

  1. IJSingh

    Sikhism Vaisakhi: Points To Ponder

    1699: The year that transformed the day of Vaisakhi from just another humdrum date on the Indian calendar into a magical presence for Sikhs all over the world. We celebrate its revolutionary spell on our lives every year, all over the globe. I, too, have penned almost yearly paeans on and...
  2. J

    Meeri-Peeri: The Documentary Film

    Jappan Singh Sethi lives in New Delhi, and has previously made seven short films under the banner "Kirpa Productions". The making of the film, “MEERI - PEERI", has been a personal journey for Jappan Singh who lives in Delhi. The film was personal as he wanted to understand the contribution...
  3. A

    Sikhism Pracheen Panth Prakash

    WJKK WJKF What is Pracheen Panth Prakaash I heard Bhai Rattan Singh JI wrote on request of British. Is it available online for download. Will be very grateful Thankyou Amanpreet Singh