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  1. S

    Karam Of Bibi Comes To Haunt Her Back ?

    my mom came today and told me some xyz amritdhari bibi, lets call her 'xyz' is suffering from paralysis of her one side of the face . that face of the side is drooping giving the 'bent effect' to her face. She also seems to be in pain. I was almost taken back to memories of my childhood , when...
  2. Charan

    Learn Punjabi "If You Are Punjabi And Don't Speak Punjabi, Who Else Will?" Kian You A.k.a Karam Singh

    "If you are Punjabi and don't speak Punjabi, who else will?" - Kian You a.k.a Karam Singh YouTube - Chinese man speaks amazing Punjabi!
  3. N

    Lance Naik Karam Singh, Param Veer Chakar

    Lance Naik Karam Singh was born on 15 September 1915, in Barnala, Punjab. He was enrolled in 1 Sikh on 15 September 1941. He had earned a Military Medal in World War II. During the Jammu & Kashmir operations in the summer of 1948 the Indian Army made substantial gains in the Tithwal sector. The...