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  1. Randip Singh

    General Kanwar Singh The Cage Fighting Sikh

    Have a look. Interesting: Kanwar Singh V Alan Murray - Extreme Brawl''Warriors'' Sun 1st May 2011 - YouTube
  2. N

    Gurmat And Naturalisms : A Study By Dr. Kanwar Ranvir Singh

    Nirgun Sargun Ik Hai” = the Formless and the forms Is One. This teaching is the basis for the perspective that all matter is holy and indeed, in a state-of-being conscious. Matter includes the solar systems, the earth, and us. For, “Water, wind, fire sing to You…Sing continents, worlds, and...
  3. N

    Buddhism Gurmat And Dhamma : A Study By Dr. Kanwar Ranvir Singh

    If you go to the Golden Temple one of the most interesting things you will observe are some Tibetan pilgrims who come to pray there, bowing down at each of their steps. These people are Buddhists who may belong to one of the numerous sects of Tibetan Buddhism, who regard Guru Nanak as Guru...
  4. N

    Hinduism Gurmat And Hinduism : A Study By Dr. Kanwar Ranvir Singh

    As we have seen Gurmat is universal mystical revolution. Hinduism is hard to pin down but there are certain fundamental beliefs focusing around a national-political project which has been active in India since the Aryan invasion three and a half thousand years ago. But whereas the western Aryan...
  5. N

    Islam Gurmat And Islam : A Study By Dr. Kanwar Ranvir Singh

    Both faiths recognise the Oneness of God and regard it as human duty to follow what they describe as the hukm, the Divine Will. However, they differ on the content of this hukm. For Muslims, it can be derived from the Holy Koran, the hadith of the Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him), the...
  6. N

    Christianity Gurmat And Jesus : A Study By Dr Kanwar Ranvir Singh

    Unless you can see Christ in me, you are failing as a Christian. Unless I see Guru in you I am failing as a Sikh. Jesus says that as you have treated the least of people, so you have treated me (Matthew 25:40). Guru Gobind Singh asked the disciple Bhai Kannaya why he was providing water to...