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  1. D

    Sikh News KAMBDI KALAAI - A Review By Dr. I J Singh

    KAMBDI KALAAI Reviewed by I.J. Singh E-mail: ijs1@nyu.edu Sikhs have come a long way from the caricatures of them popularized by Bollywood over the past 50 years. Keep in mind that Bollywood is at this time perhaps the largest movie making enterprise in the world; more commercial movies...
  2. P

    Sikh News Kambdi Kalaai - A Quick Review

    Kambdi Kalaai, Directed by ISH AMITOJ KAUR, 2006 Billed as a tribute to the leading Singh Sabha ideologue Vir Singh, this is a reasonably well done independent film. That is assuming you accept the simplistic and flawed ultra-orthodox premise that a rejection of the Khalsa form is necessarily...
  3. drkhalsa

    Sikh News Kambdi Kalaai - New Sikh Film

    Film Review : Kambdi Kalaai Sunday 2nd of April 2006 Panthic Weekly Staff San Jose, California - (KP) Kambdi Kalaai, was released this week in San Jose, California. The film explores the dualities, which rise from living in a western culture and trying to be true to ones convictions. The...