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  1. Arvind

    Bhai Kahn Singh Of Nabha (1861 - 1938)

    Bhai Kahn Singh of Nabha was, indeed, one of the towering intellects of the 19th century, whose writings and actions left a deep impact on the region and the religion he belonged to. Roopinder Singh pays a tribute HE did not go to any school or college, but was well-versed in various Indian...
  2. P

    Bhai Kahn Singh (1861 - 1938)

    Bhai Kahn Singh was a celebrated scholar and encyclopaedist, born on August 30 1861 in a Dhillon Jatt family at the village of Sabaz Banera, in what then used to be the territory of the princely ruler of patiala. His father was Narain Singh and mother Har Kaur. Narain Singh was a man of saintly...