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  1. M

    When was Jup banee written?

    I searched and searched and found different answers: - some claim it was written when Guru Nanak appeared after three days in the river and God uttered these words to him. - osho claims that this was Guru Nanak’s first bani - others claims it was Guru Nanak’s last bani - it was written over his...
  2. Understanding Jup Banee 3 | Dr. Karminder Singh Dhillon

    Understanding Jup Banee 3 | Dr. Karminder Singh Dhillon

    Dr. Karminder Singh Dhillon discourse on Guru Nanak Ji's Banee called JUP based on Authentic Sikhi Tatt Gurmatt gurbani based interpretation.
  3. nrkalee

    Gun Gobind Gayo Nahi

    Gun gobind gayo nahi, janam akarath keen, kahe nanak, har bhaj mana, joi bid jal ko meen I have not sung the praises of Govind (Hari, Krishna) and wasted my entire life. Nanak says, o mind, sing the praises of Hari (Govind, Krishna) ceaselessly, and immerse yourself in this chant just like...