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  1. spnadmin

    Legal Judge Throws Out Sikh Holy Man Libel Action

    Judge throws out Sikh holy man libel action Judge throws out Sikh holy man libel action - Press Gazette Journalist and broadcaster Hardeep Singh has seen off a libel action brought by an Indian holy man who he claimed was an imposter. His Holiness Sant Baba Jeet Singh Ji Maharaj, who...
  2. S

    Sikh News RCF Upset Punjab Police To Jump Into Lead (New Kerala)

    Chandigarh, July 30: Unpretentious Rail Coach Factory (RCF) of Kapurthala upset strong contenders Punjab Police with a second-half goal in the 21st Punjab State Super Football League at the RFC Stadium in Kapurthala. More...
  3. N

    Buddhism Does This Film Critic's Buddhist-inspired Reading Of 'Jaws' Jump The Shark? (Austin 360)

    Does this film critic's Buddhist-inspired reading of 'Jaws' jump the shark? In "Cinema Nirvana: Enlightenment Lessons from the Movies," Dean Sluyter (a onetime movie critic who quit to teach Buddhism) uses 15 well-known films to illustrate his take on centuries-old Buddhist principles...