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    S Asia Hindustan, Pakistan Bhai Bhai?

    I do not understand this. but there are too many coincidences to let it pass as comical blunderings of politicians. Just consider the following: In 1999 Vajpayee starts a bus to Lahore. In 2001 Vajpayee invites Mussharaf to Agra. In 2004 Advani says Jinnah is a great guy. A few months back...
  2. K

    History Almost Every Muslim Was With Gandhi When Jinnah Left The Congress

    History might be better understood if we did not treat it as a heroes-and-villains movie, says eminent journalist and author M J Akbar, elucidating the Jinnah factor in pre-Independent India. "Well, young man. I will have nothing to do with this pseudo-religious approach to politics. I part...
  3. S

    Indian Hindu Party Chief Offers Resignation After Praising Pakistan's Jinnah (AFP Via Yahoo! News)

    India's opposition leader Lal Krishna Advani has offered to resign as chief of his Hindu nationalist party after drawing fire for praising Pakistan's founding father Mohammed Ali Jinnah, reports said...
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    Praise For Pakistan Founder Lands Hindu Leader In Soup Advani Resigns, Saying He Won't Retract State

    NEW DELHI The president of India's Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Mr Lal Krishna Advani, has resigned from his post after Hindu hardliners expressed outrage at his praise of Pakistan's founder during a recent visit to Pakistan, party officials said here yesterday...