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    Buddhism Oakland's Royal Wedding / Nearly 600 Attend Jerry Brown's Nuptials (San Francisco Chronicle)

    Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown and Anne Gust, a lawyer who's been his sweetie since friends introduced them 15 years ago, got married in Oakland yesterday, and it was romantic, traditional, pink-and-white and surprising to at least a few of their friends. "...
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    Sikh News Why I Stand By My Decision To Broadcast Jerry Springer - The Opera

    ... In fact, I remember commissioning the Asian comedy programme Goodness Gracious Me a few years ago and receiving letters from Muslim, Sikh and Hindu religious ...,,1072-1515832,00.html
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    Sikh News UK: Christians Accuse BBC Over Jerry Springer Musical

    ... It is inconceivable that the BBC would broadcast a show that abused the prophet Mohammed or (Sikh) Guru Nanak in the same way.".
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    Sikh News BBC Broadcasts Jerry Springer--The Opera Amid Protests BBC Broadcasts Jerry Springer--The Opera Amid Protests PlaybillArts, NY - 14 hours ago ... The threats of violence toward Keating and other BBC executives also echoed the recent Sikh protests in Birmingham against the play Bezhti, which was...
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    Sikh News Protesters Oppose Planned BBC Broadcast Of Jerry Springer Opera Protesters oppose planned BBC broadcast of Jerry Springer opera The Advocate, CA - 4 hours ago The spat, which has made front-page news in the British tabloid press, comes less than a month after hundreds of angry Sikh...