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  1. spnadmin

    Heritage Who Are The Jatts ਜੱਟ ? History, Culture And Controversy

    The photo is of a button from the uniform of an officer in the famed 9th Jatt Regiment. This thread was inspired by the growing number of questions about the Jatt people in relationships threads where a non-Jatt or even a non-Sikh was in a relationship with a Jatt. Usually the stated...
  2. B

    Jatts And Tharkans Have A Fight!

    YouTube- Jatt Vs. Tarkhaan "Jazz81177 2 weeks ago Wow its an awesome way to explain todays situation, well its not good to discriminat other community, we are SIKH & casts are just the names for the different kinda work we do, Jatt (Farmers), Ramgarhia(Blacksmit or carpenter), Rajput...