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    A Request By From Jakarta

    Aman Singh wrties: I got this in my email today: from our member balwant jakarta Can we do something about it? Surely, SPN would love to help him out in his endeavor... but how? Well it seems as if balwant ji is not talking about a private Khalsa/Punjabi school, but a...
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    In Aceh, A Life Of Loss Endures (Jakarta Post)

    Amid today's constant news of Aceh's reconstruction, The Jakarta Post returns to the tsunami's personal horror on this sixth month anniversary by publishing this narrative work by journalist Adam B. Ellick , who went to Aceh immediately following the tsunami...
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    Buddhism Tour Packages To China Attract More Chinese-Indonesian Travelers (The Jakarta Post)

    When Vivi Anggraeni visited the place where she was born, China, last year, she had the time of her life. "I'm glad I took my mother up on her invitation to spend my holiday there," the 23-year-old graduate degree student said...
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    Buddhism Population Of Depok Has Colorful Past (The Jakarta Post)

    Valentino Jonathans, an executive director of the Cornelis Chastelein Foundation in Depok, was furious recently when he was asked to explain about the origins of the ethnic group Belanda Depok or "Depok Dutch" in the municipality...
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    Maluku Govt Website Condemned For Alleged Defamation (The Jakarta Post)

    An estimated 2,000 protesters from several Islamic organizations held a protest at the Maluku Governor's office on Thursday over a local government website, which they said was defamatory toward Islam's Prophet Muhammad and included insinuations that Muslims in the province were terrorists...