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  1. spnadmin

    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots: Petition Against Prez Award To IPS Officer Dismissed

    1984 riots: Petition against Prez award to IPS officer dismissed Harish V Nair, Hindustan Times In one of the severest criticism of the Centre on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, the Delhi High Court has accused the Centre of being “insensitive to the Sikh community”. This harsh criticism came in...
  2. Admin

    Sikh News The Moments Unforgettable-II S S Bijral (IPS) Narrates His Encounters With Fazil Kashmiri, One Of Th

    The moments unforgettable-II S S Bijral (IPS) narrates his encounters with Fazil Kashmiri, one of the most celebrated (Greater Kashmir) http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/sikh/SIG=123gafcer/*http%3A//www.greaterkashmir.com/full_story.asp?ItemID=9578&cat=12 Array Mon, 19 Sep 2005...