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  1. C

    A Shabad I Came Across - Possible Interpretations

    Because we do not pick out one line and attempt to understand it without the context of the full shabad, I have reposted the full shabad and Ang number to follow. The full shabad always casts a different light on the meaning of a single tuk, contrasted by the tuk alone, or just a few lines. If...
  2. P

    Destiny Points, Imagination And Creation

    It's been a while since I have posted something on this site so I thought I would incite some debate using the teachings of wise men from other regions. Mos Egaardpeder Sen tells us that "Imagination, life is your creation" is the key to spiritual enlightenment. I want to know what your...
  3. Astroboy

    Interpretations Of Gurbani Differ

    Misinterpretation of Gurbani and Misrepresentation of Sikhism Due to historical circumstances, after the death of Guru Gobind Singh there was systematic annihilation of the Sikh population by the Mogul rulers and their collaborators, the proponents of caste ideology. During the first quarter of...
  4. S

    Gurbani Being Misinterpreted By Sahil Ji

    Again this is to bring awareness All our brothers ans sisters who may be trying to learn Gurbani being taught by Sahil Ji Respected Saadh Sangat Ji, i am starting to quote Respected Sahil Ji's quotes from whereever he is misinterpreting Gurbani, all over the forum..... Respected...