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  1. aristotle

    India Asaram Bapu's Aide Booked For Insulting Other Religions

    A woman spokesperson of Asaram Bapu was booked for making derogatory remarks against Guru Nanak, while defending the spiritual leader in an alleged case of sexual assault, police said. Asaram Bapu has denied the allegation against him. Neelam Dubey, a spokesperson of Asaram Bapu, was booked...
  2. spnadmin

    Islam Death Penalty Introduced For Insulting The Prophets

    From Kuwait What religion has contributed to the world this month - Episode 2 (December/January 2013) - YouTube from Gyani Jarnail Singh ji
  3. SinghWeapon

    Right Or Wrong? Insulting Or Not?

    I know its a little bit long please bear with me. Thanks in advance. Every Sikh has his own journey. I have some thoughts on my mind I would like opinion and feedback on. I've kept my turban since I was born, during the teenage years I trimmed my beard and such, although I never did or would...
  4. K

    Stop Insulting Kelly Kaur

    BILURANG khalsa stop insulting kelly kaur and spamming this forum.If you want to discuss anything then discuss or LEAVE
  5. S

    Sikh News Indian Religious Sect Apologises For Insulting Sikh Guru (AFP Via Yahoo! News)

    A religious sect has apologised for adverts showing its leader dressed as a revered Sikh guru, which triggered violence in India's Punjab state, reports said Monday. More...