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  1. K

    Sikh Women In 21st Century: Some Challenges

    Dear sikh80 First of all let me clarify that i am against all type of discrimination against women.But relating discrimination to the issue of sikh girls not wanting to marry a turbaned sikh is baseless.Discrimination against women exists in every religion and even much more than...
  2. H

    Guru Amar Das Ji - Initiation

    What were the Twelve "Dattans" that were given to Sri Guru Amar Das ji by Guru Angad Dev ji at the time of the Initiation ceremony of Sri Guru Amar Das ji as our Third Guru. ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
  3. U

    The Khalsa Initiation Ceremony

    Hello, I would like to learn much more about the Khalsa initiation. I was wondering its religious significance in the tradition. Also, its relation with doctrines and history of the tradition, and how the Khalsa initiation ceremony is an expression of the tradition's beliefs. I researched...
  4. N

    Amrit Sanchar-Khalsa Initiation - Discrepancies Regarding Manner Of Partaking

    Why do ancient Sikh historical texts speak of discrepancies regards manner of giving, ‘Amrit Sanchar’ (Khalsa initiation)?