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  1. Ishna

    Guru Arjan As Incarnation Of Waheguru?

    Gurfateh Some tuks from this shabad were sung at the Gurdwara I attend recently. I was suprised by the translation on the projector screen. I might be asking about something which is far beyond my comprehension at this point in my growth but thought I'd ask since there is some talk of avatars...
  2. P

    The God, Name, And Incarnation

    The God, Name, and Incarnation There are a lot of articles available out there written in pompous language about God, Name and His Incarnation, some time it becomes hard to decipher the meaning out of them for simple minded people who are just there to understand GOD in a more explicit...
  3. S

    Transmigration Of Soul

    TRANSMIGRATION OF THE SOUL TRANSMIGRATION OF THE SOUL. doctrine of rebirth based on the theory that an individual soul passes at death into a new body or new form of life. Central to the concept is the principle of universal causality, i.e. a person must receive reward or punishment if not...
  4. simranjeetsinghsimmy

    Sikh News Is Baba Nanak An Avatar Of Lord Vishnu In Any Context?

    sat sri akaal ji saareyan nu... well... i knw sm guys wil find an offense wid me on posting this thread, but i cud nt control myself. sorry in advance... on PZ10.com forums in words of wisdom section there is a thread named 'sufi shayari'... and in that thread, recently a comment was...
  5. D

    Christianity God (Holy Spirit) And Human Incarnation

    STATEMENT: - MATHEW 10: 40 Lord Jesus was the human incarnation of the Holy Spirit. The human body of Holy Jesus is like the metallic wire, which was all over, pervaded by the Holy Spirit. Veda says ‘Antarbahischa’ which means that the Holy Spirit pervades all over the body of Human...