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  1. spnadmin

    USA Claremont Lincoln University Inaugurates Sikh Studies Center

    Image: Asha and Harvinder Sahota. Harvinder Sahota (right), a cardiologist from Seal Beach, Calif., has donated funds to establish a Center for Sikh Studies program at Claremont Lincoln University, which will be inaugurated in Claremont, Calif., Feb. 1. Sahota is best known for inventing the...
  2. S

    United Sikhs Kenyan Vice President's Office Inaugurates Sri Guru Nanak Food Bank In Response To Drought

    Highlights: Sikh Community of East Africa joins hands with UNITED SIKHS to establish "Sri Guru Nanak Food Bank" in Nairobi UNITED SIKHS enters into agreement with Red Cross Society of Kenya to work on local relief work NAIROBI, KENYA: On January 22, 2011, UNITED SIKHS set up...
  3. N

    Sikh News Los Angeles Inaugurates Its First Hispanic Mayor In 130 Years (AFP Via Yahoo! News)

    The son of poor Mexican immigrants, Antonio Villaraigosa, became Los Angeles' first Hispanic mayor in 130 years, imploring citizens to share his dream of a renaissance for the troubled city...