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  1. R

    General Freeing Sikhi From Punjabi "Imperialism"

    I was born in Punjab. I came to the US about 7 years ago, after high school. I keep the 5 Ks, but have not yet taken Amrit. I draw looks wherever I go. Sometimes curious. Mostly hostile. The hostility arises from ignorance. Our community has done a bang up job of keeping Americans ignorant...
  2. dalsingh

    General Bhai Maharaj Singh - Anti British Imperialism Freedom Fighter

    This is really interesting. Apart from the Singhs life, notice what seems to be two karay in the collection. This is important because it dates from the 1850s i.e. way before the Singh Sabha movement and is evidence of Sikhs wearing karay, which some dispute. Amongst the treasures in the...