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  1. spnadmin

    Learn Punjabi Illustrated Gurmukhi Glossary With Phonetic English Spellings

    Gurmukhi Word Picture Dictionary With Phonetic English Equivalents By Sukhmandir Khalsa, About.com Guide Gurmukhi is the Sikh language of prayer in which the Guru Granth Sahib, Sikhism's holy scripture is written. Sikhism requires a fundamental understanding of scripture and texts which...
  2. K

    General Sikh Sports Illustrated: Calendar 2009

    sikhchic.com | The Art and Culture of the Diaspora | Article Detail Sikh Sports Illustrated: Calendar 2009 by SONIA KAUR DHAMI Sikhs have excelled in a variety of sports far beyond their numbers and proportion within the populations they live in, and achieved international fame...
  3. Randip Singh

    Sikhism In The Master's Presence - The Sikhs Of Hazoor Sahib

    Hi All, I recently heard about this book. They condemed it on sikhsangat, so I thought to myself it must be good if they want to ban it :happy: In the Master's Presence: The Sikhs of Hazoor Sahib: 1: Nidar Singh Nihang, Parmjit Singh: Amazon.co.uk: Books Anyone read it? Is it any good?
  4. Admin

    Sikh News Illustrated - Hinduization Of Sikh Faith & History

    Originally posted by drkhalsa Sunday 10th July, 2005 Balpreet Singh - Guest Columnist http://www.panthic.org/news/129/ARTICLE/1524/2005-07-10.html (KP) Based on "Tabai Roas Jagio" by Dr. Sukhpreet Singh Udokay Last week’s announcement by the VHP of putting portraits of Guru Gobind Singh and...